Dave's Marvel universe

Podcasting about Marvel Comics from the 1980s

Episode 06- Knightmare!

It’s the second of two parts, as Dave dives back into the pages of Iron Man #150. This oversized special issue places Iron Man and Dr Doom into the realm […]

Episode 05- Doomquest!

It’s the first two-parter for the show, and Iron Man is going up against Doctor Doom. When Doom steals Stark technology to fuel his time-travel caper, Iron Man travels to […]

Episode 04- The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

Dave brings you a very special Spider-Man story. In fact, it is Dave’s favorite Spider-Man tale of all-time. Spider-Man battles the villain Thunderball. A bout that will go down in […]

Episode 03- Vicious Circle

Dave returns to The Incredible Hulk for the first time in years to revisit the gray era of Marvel’s angriest superhero. From the pen of Peter David, and the pencil […]

Episode 02- The Choice

Dave is back, and he brought the Sentinel of Liberty with him to face one of the most legendary moments in the life of Captain America. Given an ultimatum to […]