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The Podcast Without Fear

Episode117- Charming Devils

When you are a lawyer and a superhero, those parts of your life are bound to collide, but Matt Murdock did not see this collision coming.

When tapped to defend the villainous Mr. Hyde, Matt must explore the true meaning of justice, and his mind becomes a courtroom of the soul.

The Karl Kesel and Cary Nord run on the Man Without Fear continues, and it’s a riveting argument when Dave covers Daredevil #355.


Episode 116- The Devil’s Work

Why pick up a cliffhanger, when you can cover the Karl Kesel and Cary Nord run on The Man Without Fear?

Dave cracks open Daredevil #353, which begins a new era in Daredevil featuring a creative solution to potential suicidal couples, Stopping a rampage from Mr Hyde, and sqad goals with Foggy Nelson.

Join Dave for a trip back to the 90’s, with an issue that doesn’t feel like the traditional 90’s aesthetic of big guns, ninjas, and ultra-violence.


Episode 115- The Mark of Hawkeye

Dave jumps back to a classic era of Daredevil to find out what happens when Hawkeye of The Avengers arrives in San Francisco to profess his love for The Black Widow.

In the first of a two-part tale, we see The Man Without Fear get his feathers ruffled by a rival for Natasha’s affections.

But, The Avengers have an offer that Daredevil can’t refuse, and it will change the course of his relationship with The Black Widow as Dave looks at Daredevil #99.


Episode 114- Resurrection

It’s all come to this- The Hand, Elektra, The Chaste, Kingpin, and Black Widow clash in an epic final battle for… something.

We learn the final fate of Elektra… kind of. We also learn who the real power of New York is. And, the end of an era as the old guard makes way for a new generation of protectors.

All of this in the penultimate issue of Frank Miller’s original run, Daredevil #190. It’s ninjas, Gangsters, redemption, and storylines finally coming to a head.



Episode 113- Siege

It’s all out ninja action, as The Hand attacks Daredevil’s brownstone. Can The Man Without Fear, The Black Widow, and the combines forces of The Chaste hold them off?

We learn the fate of Matt’s impending marriage to Heather Glenn. Plus, the final fate of one character is revealed, and it is messy.

It’s a big turning point for the Frank Miller run on Daredevil, as many thing come to a head when Dave reads and discusses Daredevil #189.