Dave's Marvel universe

Podcasting about Marvel Comics from the 1980s

Episode 06- Knightmare!

It’s the second of two parts, as Dave dives back into the pages of Iron Man #150.

This oversized special issue places Iron Man and Dr Doom into the realm of Camelot, where they may be trapped for good.

Doom, not one to waste an opportunity, makes a deal with  Morgan Le Fay that may spell disaster for King Arthur, and Iron Man.

It’s an over-the-top issue with time-travel, magic, armies of the dead battling the armies of the living, and a giant dino-bird.

It’s like a heavy metal album come to life, with a third act that turns the whole concept on it’s ear. Listen, and enjoy.


Episode 05- Doomquest!

It’s the first two-parter for the show, and Iron Man is going up against Doctor Doom.

When Doom steals Stark technology to fuel his time-travel caper, Iron Man travels to Latveria, and quickly finds himself in the middle of some political turmoil.

The deposed Doctor Doom shows himself to be a solid foe, as shellhead goes toe to toe with the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe (certified by Professor Alan).

How will the issue end? Will Doom be victorious over Tony Stark? Will Iron Man prevail? Or, will we have a cliffhanger ending to be picked up next time? Probably the latter of the three.


Episode 04- The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man

Dave brings you a very special Spider-Man story. In fact, it is Dave’s favorite Spider-Man tale of all-time.

Spider-Man battles the villain Thunderball. A bout that will go down in history, and be talked about in the annals of comic book lore… as the prelude to the REAL story.

If you have ever wanted to define what it is that makes Peter Parker special, and what he is at the core- the very engine that drives Spider-Man, this is The story to read.

No great villains, no mega-crossovers, just a pure heart-wrenching tale of a foe that even the Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational Spider-Man can’t beat. ‘Nuff said, true-believers.


Episode 03- Vicious Circle

Dave returns to The Incredible Hulk for the first time in years to revisit the gray era of Marvel’s angriest superhero.

From the pen of Peter David, and the pencil of Todd McFarlane, two comic book legends, comes a tale of assessing one’s self for the progress made in this thing called life; and coming up short.

Or, to look at it from another angle- The Hulk and Wolverine fight each other for a good chunk of the issue.

So, if you like knock-down, drag-’em fights mixed with some character introspection, while skirting a major X-Men crossover, then The Incredible Hulk #340 is definitely for you, bub.


Episode 02- The Choice

Dave is back, and he brought the Sentinel of Liberty with him to face one of the most legendary moments in the life of Captain America.

Given an ultimatum to either work exclusively for the U.S. government, or to lay down his shield for good, Steve Rogers has to do some soul-searching to determine what the best choice is.

A monumental entry in one of the most monumental runs in Marvel Comics history- Mark Gruenwald’s definitive writing of the title.

No other writer has defined Captain America in this way, and it’s one of the most well–known stories from the run.

So, download, and join the adventure.